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About Me

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Hi, My Name is Moh. Roziq Bahtiar, I'm undergraduate Department Education of Informatic Engineering Semarang State University

I'm Founder of and Techarea

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Roziq Bahtiar


Roziq Bahtiar is a software developers, his hobby is reading, writing, and surfing internet. In 2011 he started study in Departement Education of Informatic Engineering Semarang State University
He and friends started Techarea software house developer in first 2014. He and farhan started startup comic strip sharing platform in middle 2014

Milestone :

Since 2012 - 2014 he was joined Student Associations Profession Department of Electrical Engineering Semarang State University

In the middle 2012 he was joined Robotic Team of Semarang State University until end of 2014

In the middle 2013 he was became journal volunteer of Semarang State University, and joined Open Source Community Semarang State University

February 2014 he and friends started Techarea Software House for doing side project, one of side project is

and in the middle 2014 He and Farhan started the startup of comic strip sharing platform until now.

Now still running Techarea Software House can be found in Techarea Indonesia

Side Project

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